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Motor antena satelit Amiko DM-3800

Motor antena satelit Amiko DM-3800
Model:Motor H-H
Producator:Karmacom Kft.
Pret cu TVA: 210 RON
Motor H-H Amiko DM-3800 cu USALS (DiSEqC 1.3) si mecanism complet metalic rezistent la uzura.

Este destinat antenelor pana la 1.2 m.

Protocol DiSEqC 1.2 & Goto “X"
Compatible Receiver DiSEqC 1.2, USALS or Interface Box
Speed 1.9° / sec (at 13V) ; 2.5° / sec (at 18V)
Azimuth Angle 80° East ~ 80° West ( 160° )
Elevation Angle 25~75°
Input Voltage 13 / 18Vdc
Output Voltage 13 / 18Vdc
Power Consumption 50 mA (Standby)
200mA (Normal)
350mA (Max.)
Satellite Positions 60 positions
Calibration Function Yes ( Go to 0°)
Manual East/West Buttons Yes (Build-in on the bottom of the Mount)
Limit Protection 1.Fixed type with micro switches
2.Programmable Software Limit
3.Current Limit
Positioning Sensor High Resolution Hall Effect Sensor
Connector F-Type
Weight ( Mount ) 3.1 Kg (Net) / 3.5 Kg (Gross) (~ 8 lbs)
Dimension ( Mount ) 345 x 168 x 110 mm3 (Gross)

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Pret cu TVA: 90 RON
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Motor antena satelit Amiko DM-3800
Pret cu TVA: 210 RON
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